Logistics management

Logistics management services include planning and coordinating material and information flows throughout the entire production chain, from raw material storage to product delivery to end consumers. It’s a complex system where different agents have to be managed. However, it can become a business competitive advantage when conducted effectively. Our logistics management services can increase operating efficiency and provide better cost control, including with the possibility of comprehensive reporting – with average arrival and delivery time per modal, arrival time in Brazil, Import Declaration registration and target comparative analysis. With such information, your business gains operational intelligence and increased reliability for decision making, with access to statistical data in real time. 

Reports included

  • Number of processes per modal or plant;
  • Number of road and air processes per terminal;
  • Mean time between arrival and delivery per modal;
  • Target comparative analysis: arrival x delivery time for sea shipment;
  • Time elapsed since arrival to Brazil and registration of Import Declaration;
  • Fees and taxes recorded in Siscomex (FOB, Shipment, Insurance, II, IPI, PIS, Cofins, ICMS).