Customs clearance

We have over 40 years of experience in customs clearance processes, which can be full of bureaucratic requirements, and we offer support in all steps of the process for a smooth and agile operation at the lowest cost. We prepare and review all documents needed, providing the customer with relevant information in all steps of the process. We work with customs clearance in all parts of Brazil.


  • Radar License (Recording and Tracking the Performance of Customs Mediators);
  • Admittance of consigned goods for customs warehousing;
  • License application with competent authorities (Anvisa, Mapa, Decex, etc.);
  • Checking the need for import licensing (a requirement made by competent authorities) in advance;
  • Sending cost estimates according to the requests of each importer;
  • Reviewing letters of credit and compilation of exports documents. Procedures for certification of origin and Free Sale Certificates with all certifying authorities, document legalization in consulates and embassies in Brasília.